On October 25th 1970 Eric D. Copeland was born the first of two sons to Herman and Nedra Copeland.  Eric spent his early childhood under the spiritual leadership of Rev. Russell B. Sutton of Dixie Hills First Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia and the age of 6 he remembers asking Jesus to come into his heart while riding in the car with his mother.  By the age of 13 the Lord began to press on his mind for a more intimate relationship. Jesus became a consistent part of his thinking; however, the pressures of youth caused Eric to wrestle with the Lord for the next seven years of his life.  At the age of 20, while a senior at Hampton University in Virginia, he began to re-evaluate his life.  After being spiritually and emotionally drained from sinful living, Eric realized his condition was the result of his own decision to not fully commit to Christ.  It was at this point, he repented from a life of sin, surrendered his life to the Lord and continued in the call to relationship from seven years earlier.

While at Hampton University, Eric was profoundly impacted by the ministry of Bishop Wellington Boone and the New Generations Campus Ministry.  It was during this time that Eric was challenged to have a real relationship with The Lord and provoked to live a holy and sanctified life.  The Christian believers at Hampton modeled before Eric what Christian community and love for one another really looks like.  Little did he know that their example would lay the foundation for how he would relate to others for the rest of his life.

Three months after rededicating his life to Christ, Eric recognized the Lord calling him to serve in youth ministry.  He then became a member of Abundant Life Church (today known as Cross Culture Church) in June of 1992. Eric began his membership and service and he became a student of the gospel under the mentorship of Pastor Woodrow Walker ll.  In June of 1996, Pastor Walker and the pastoral staff licensed him as minister.

While at Abundant Life, Minister Copeland served in many other areas of ministry; however, He remained committed to his promise to serve the Lords youth and young adults. It was also at Abundant Life Church that Eric met Kimberly Campbell. In December of 2001 they both joined together in the covenant of marriage.  The next eight years of their marriage would bring three jewels into this world:  Erin, Ramona and Ian.  In 2006, Minister Copeland was ordained into the ministry of Jesus Christ.  In January of 2012, Minister Copeland and his family were released to serve First Unity Christian Fellowship after the passing of their pastor and his uncle and mentor Rev. Phillip Van Reid.  It is with First Unity that Pastor Eric and his family will continue to serve the Lord’s youth through strengthening and encouraging families in the gospel of Jesus Christ.